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  These 14 videos comprise what we are calling the video book. All have text and video. To start click here (The Way Men Heal Video Book, 14 videos, 130+ minutes) Or see it using a playlist format firstsecond, and third playlist.  

This three video set is meant for therapists but will likely be helpful to anyone wanting to learn how to help or communicate with men. click here. (Tips for Helping Men Heal, Three videos, 25 minutes)  

This four part series takes a look at grief, what it is, what makes it tough in the US and the basics of getting through it. click here. (Intro to Grief, 4 part playlist, 25 minutes)  

What does it take to transform grief? This three part playlist offers a story to begin and then focuses the elements that help us through loss and finishes with a video on anger, sadness, and guilt Click here (Playlist Transforming Loss, in three parts, 50 minutes)  

  Ritual - This video looks into the essence of ritual and how this plays out in our healing. (Single video 13 minutes)
Cross Cultural Grief - This video offers a beginning look at the many ways that other cultures deal with loss. (7:20 minutes)  

The Dagura Tribe (Africa), This African tribe has very complex rituals designed to aid the healing of grief.  We can learn much from them. (7:44 minutes)  

The Yolngu Tribe (Australia) The Yolngu People are another group who have a deep and rich set of rituals to aid their people in healing from loss. (8:38 minutes)  

Grief and Suicide - The grief from suicide is a difficult process.  This little video offers some ideas about why that is. (5:56 minutes)  

  Grief and Alzheimer's Caretakers - Sometimes the grief from having a loved one suffering from Alzheimers transpires prior to the death.  We literally lose jour loved one prior to the death and this is often not noticed. (5:48 minutes)  

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Free Introductory Videos

This short video is meant for therapists who are considering joining this community. It's a very brief video that highlights five things that all therapists need to know about men's healing.


Welcome to the Way Men Heal, a place where both professionals and the general public can learn about our different paths in healing. Although men are very likely to use what we are calling the masculine side of healing, a percentage of women use this path as well.

Here's some of what you may learn here:

* The many different ways to heal from loss
* The four reasons men tend to make their emotional pain invisible
* The three categories of healing actions
* How inaction can be healing
* How stories and safety are the basics to healing
* The impact of our biology on our healing

Below is a video that gives a short summary more oriented to the general public giving you some ideas of what you will find on this site.

The site contains what we are calling a video book. I've never heard of this term before but I used it because it describes very well what this site is trying to accomplish. There are over 3 hours of videos here that go into very helpful detail about how we heal from loss. I have been working as a therapist for over 30 years in helping both men and women work with their losses. I have also been giving workshops and seminars on the topic of the masculine side of healing in the United States, Canada, Australia and in Europe. The 3+ hours of video on this site are very similar material that you would have heard in a workshop but on this site the cost is only $14.99 for the video book compared to the hundreds of dollars you would have to spend to attend a workshop.

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